Monday, May 17, 2010

Traffic Tickets?

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After you graduate from the police academy and go on patrol, you will be required among other things, to write traffic tickets. When a citizen tells you that you should be stopping "real crime" instead of writing tickets, please refer them to this video. I believe this qualifies as "real crime", what do you think?


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I just really, really like this blog. Everyday, something new. I can't wait to become an HPD officer!

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I am looking forward to referring my friend to your website to view this clip. She supports this lawyer and bail bond man that are fighting to have the red light camera's removed. Because they find that getting a tick per those cameras as unconstitutional, but I have never heard them give sound proof or statistics to support their argument. So Cyndy really needs to view this clip. Careful the causes you support. Excellent Clip