Friday, April 23, 2010

Officers in Action

Senior Police Officer M. Belinoski was very aware of several night time residential burglaries that had been occurring in the area of Bunker Hill, Long Point and Pine Lake. Recently, while on patrol, Officer Belinoski was dispatched to a burglary call where a suspect had entered the victims home while they were asleep.... Officer Belinoski was able to lift some palm prints at the home and submit them for identification. The prints that he lifted were matched perfectly with a suspect who was recently arrested for stealing a car. It was also determined that during the time that the suspect was in jail for the stolen car, no similar burglaries had taken place in the identified area. Due to Senior Police Officer Belinoski’s diligence and attention to duty, a dangerous felon was identified as the suspect in these burglaries and taken off the street.

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Anonymous said...

Good proactive police work bro.