Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rookie to Veteran - A Good K-9 Handler

A good K-9 handler should be an emotional type person, however must be able to keep those emotions in check. He or she will not expect his K-9 partner to work automatically like a machine. The handler will study their K-9 to find his best traits. As soon as the handler accomplishes this they will be able to regulate the work to develop and improve those traits of the K-9 until they have an excellent working dog.

A good K-9 handler will observe and be interested and not disregard the K-9’s alertness. He or she will recognize the K-9 is telling him or her something. The handler will determine which stimulus (reward) works best for his or her K-9, whether it is voice, or touch of the hand. You will never lose your temper with the K-9.

A good K-9 handler must be willing to sacrifice or donate some of their own personal time because the K-9 sacrifices all for the handler.

A good K-9 handler should be able to make a decision in a split second, and must be right in every decision they make. Realize the K-9 works or trains for only: food, water, love and attention. The handler should always keep the K-9's comfort in mind and also allow the K-9 to have time to just be a dog.

A good K-9 handler should have patience, perseverance, love for animals, the desire to become a good K-9 team, as well a desire to protect and serve the community in which they are a part of.


Anonymous said...

Love today's post sir. love the blog!

Anonymous said...

He is cute now, but in a year and a half....Look out turds:) P.S. Your the best Mike!

Greg H.