Wednesday, March 3, 2010

HPD cracks burglary ring in North Houston

The Kingwood and Summerwood communities began to experience a heavy volume of residential burglaries.

Officer J. Macintosh located a witness who provided him with information on several suspects. Officer Macintosh along with officers Michael Zientek, Sean Freeman and Chad Nichols drove to the suspect’s home. The officers discovered numerous stolen items inside the suspect’s home which included electronics and jewelry. They also located numerous pawn tickets that matched electronics stolen from previous residential burglaries in the same area.

The suspects were charged with Felony Theft and Credit Card Abuse. All of the stolen property was recovered from the home and placed in the Houston Police Department Property Room until the rightful owners could be notified.

Kingwood Division Tactical Unit Sergeant Ray Pearson and Officer Johnny Jennings conducted a follow up investigation with the suspects and were able to identify three additional suspects. A total of six suspects were identified and charged with Burglary of a Habitation.

After an extensive follow up investigation all of the stolen property pawned throughout the city was recovered and returned to the rightful owners.

Due to the dedicated work of these officers, approximately $30,000 worth of stolen property was recovered and returned to their owners. These officers helped break up a complex organized burglary ring that targeted the Kingwood and Summerwood communities.

Each officer was instrumental in apprehending these suspects. They went above and beyond their normal duties and we commend their professionalism, their dedication, and their outstanding service to the Houston Police Department and to the community they serve.


Anonymous said...

great job HPD! I can't wait to be HPD!

Unknown said...

Score 1 for the home team :p

Good job officers!

Unknown said...

Thank God for HPD! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

This is great news Mike, I live in Summerwood and am very thankful for HPD rounding up these suspects.

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It is always wonderful to hear news like these. Catching these criminals mean that there will be less of them that we should be worried of.