Thursday, October 8, 2009

HPD Motorcycles "Solos"

The Houston Police Department Motorcycle Detail better known as “SOLO Detail” was established in 1909 to address the growing traffic concerns in downtown Houston.

In 2005 the detail was reassigned to the Mobility Incident Management Division which was created in recognition of the fact that mobility is a significant public safety and quality of life issue.

The SOLO Detail consists of 40 riding officers and 4 riding sergeants. They are tasked with patrolling the freeway, conducting escorts and dignitary protection. Each motorcycle officer completes 40 hours of initial training when selected to the unit. Additionally, officers participate in a 16-hour yearly re-certification and 4-hour monthly refresher course. Training is a primary concern of the detail due to the hazardous nature of the assignment. Officers focus on handling the motorcycle at slow speeds, evasive maneuvers and braking techniques.

Officers for this detail are selected when an opening occurs and they must possess a valid Texas Class M license, have excellent work and attendance history with a minimum of two years experience as an officer. Furthermore, they must have a willingness to work flexible hours and shifts in inclement weather. Applicants must also pass a riding evaluation to demonstrate their ability to operate a motorcycle over a course designed to evaluate basic motorcycle riding skills.


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Back in the 1950-1960's HPDM was given an allowance to purchase their motorcycles, and purchased them From an HD dealer downtown on Dallas st. When I hit the soil of the US, coming back from the service in 1967, I had no job, but $900, I was still in uniform when I hit the doors and paid $800 for a 1959 Duo-Glide FLH Pan Head Black & White Police special. Got a job with Houston Light & Power, and rode that sucker daily across Houston for two years.I am 68 last year and last July I finally had to sell my last Harley, 45 years as a lineman and riding finally took its toll on this old body. I hold two Golden Iron Butts of 1,500 miles in less than 24 hrs, and have ridden IN 6 foreign countries.