Friday, September 11, 2009

Take a moment...

Good morning everyone. Today we honor those who perished eight years ago in New York City. As a special tribute, HPD and HFD will combine to honor those in a special memorial at 8:59 this morning. I encourage you to check back to view the video later this afternoon. Stay safe today and take a moment to remember.

The ninth month brought the end to many,
The eleventh was a day of testing
Nine one one a call for help from any
It left no time of resting.

True warriors dressed in red suits
Navy blue or yellow
They called in all the recruits
to rescue ailing fellow.

What senseless acts of violence
Rain down on us today
what path will cross with terror
and cause us great dismay?

This is the world our children face.
Their lives are being molded.
The acts of hate, time won't erase,
Like a shroud it has enfolded.

What can we say? What can we do?
As time whirls swiftly by
Let love be instilled with a family view
So our values never die.

Unknown Author


Unknown said...

Very touching Poem but also a very sad day. God Bless those that continue to fight the war on terror and my thoughts and prayers go out to those that lost someone in 9/11

-Operation Iraqi Freedom 2006-2007

Anonymous said...

What a country! We may get sucker punched, but even then we get the job done. The first responders never gave a second thought about what they had to do that day. The picture of the flag brought a tear to my eye. Good job Mike. Can you eat the Super K Burger at Kelly's Country Cooking:)