Thursday, September 24, 2009

Moving Downtown!

The 1,100 pound HPD helicopter from the police academy museum, having seen the 1952 patrol car being refurbished, was starving for a little attention itself and was ready for a move to new surroundings. Therefore, both the vintage patrol car and helicopter will soon be in the lobby at the main police headquarters at 1200 Travis for visitors to enjoy.

The movement of a full size helicopter was not an easy matter. However, with the help of C&H Rigging Services, the helicopter is safe on the ground, and ready for the next part of it's journey. We would like to thank the crew for safely "landing" our helicopter in very tight quarters.


God_Bless_Texas said...

Are you all closing the Academy museum? I have liked my visits to the HPD Museum at your police academy in the past. It does not seem like there will be sufficient room for a museum in the lobby of your downtown police station.

Officer McCoy said...

No, we are not closing the museuam at the academy. We are just moving some of the items downtown.