Monday, May 11, 2009

National Police Week

Photography / design by Officer Quoc-Tuan Nguyen

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation which designated May 15th as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which that date falls as "Police Week". Every year since, tens of thousands of law enforcement officers from around the world converge on Washington, DC to participate in a number of planned events which honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

For HPD activities this week, please check out


Anonymous said...

God Bless each and everyone one of our fallen heroes and their families.

Thanks for posting about Police Week Officer Mccoy.

Donny McCoy said...

It is only fitting that during National Police Week that you, my brother, was given by the City of Houston's the Senior Police Officer of the Year Award. Congratulations Mike. I have been and always will be very proud of you! Love, Donny

Officer McCoy said...

Thank you Don. I am humbled by the award as this week is the time we remember all who have given the ultimate sacrifice to the community that they serve. However, I do thank you for the kind words my brother. I love you too.

Anonymous said...

HPD we salute you all for the hard work and dedicated service to us all.

Anonymous said...

Firemen get all the glory and the police get all the complaints. But could you imagine what this world would be like without law and order? Thank you HPD. Without your dedicated service and hard work the city would be overrun with robbers, burglers, rapists, thiefs and pedophiles. I respect and honor you today HPD. God Bless You ALL!

Diver said...

And while we remember the fallen Brother's and Sister's of Law Enforcement let us all take the time to reflect on our brethern who paid the Ultimate Sacrifice by their own hand, not being able to cope with some of the horrors that we as sworn officers see on the daily basis, and pray for the surviving family members who go through the anguish of a loss of a loved one on a daily basis.
They also should not be forgotten at this most solemn time of the police year!!
S/Sgt. T. Hanna RCMP