Thursday, May 28, 2009

1934 Traffic Ticket

Courtesy of the HPD Museum

There are two interesting items about this ticket from 1934. The first item is the parking violation that reads "Not 27 1/2 Degree Angle." I am curious how a person actually knew if they were at a 27 1/2 degree angle and not at a 27 or 28 degree angle but actually at the 27 1/2 degree angle as described. If anyone knows the answer, please post a comment. The second item was the last sentence on the bottom of the ticket which states: "You will save the Police Department and yourself time and much extra annoyance by appearing at once."


Anonymous said...

Neat history...not sure what the angle thing is about. Like the blog a bunch!

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The history of HPD has never been known to me, but thanks to this great blog I now know something of the past of the great HPD. Thanks, Officer McCoy. This is a great blog!

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Anonymous said...

Just guessing on the 27 1/2 degree, but I'm guessing that it was an attempt to regulate angled parking and prevent people from parking nose in (45 degrees) or parallel.