Tuesday, April 28, 2009

$12,000 Incentive

Many readers have inquired about the $12,000 hiring incentive. The annual compensation for the first year is currently $43,965, which includes the incentive. Once the incentive is removed starting with Academy Class 208, the annual compensation will be $31,965. After you get through your first year of training (academy and six months of probation) and begin your second year you will get a substantial pay increase to the mid-40's depending on your education. You do not have to pay for our academy and you will start getting paid your first day of training.

Speaking of the academy, many readers also ask if they have to live at the academy. You do not have to live at the academy. You attend as you would college and go home every night. A typical day at the academy starts at 6:30 am and ends at 4:00 pm. You will have weekends and holidays off during the academy.

Apply today at http://www.hpdcareer.com/ and take the first step to a stable and rewarding career.

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Anonymous said...

Is it true that the HPD is up for a re-negotiation of the contract in 2010. If that is true, do you believe that the starting pay will increase? My Uncle (who is a patrol officer with HPD) told me that the current contract expires in 2010 and you should get a raise with the new contract. I applied today. I know I will not get the 12K bonus, but I will have a great job and hopefully a nice raise in about a year.

Anonymous said...

Not having the incentive will hurt, but having a career with a future and a pesion will outweigh the negative impact of the first years salary. I applied this morning and can't wait to become an Officer.

Anonymous said...

Does HPD pay for your vest? Is the duty belts ect. provided? Is this stuff 'loaned' or is it ours to keep?

Officer McCoy said...

The contract for pay is up for negotiation next year. Let's hope for the best.

We provided everything you need other than your gun, handcuffs and shoes.