Monday, March 9, 2009

What's with the Hat?


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This clip came from a film called "Beautiful Country." It's interesting to me on several levels. Let me describe the clip. A Houston Police Officer responds to a call regarding a person trespassing on someones property. The officer asks the man to move on and he complies.

Now here's the interesting part. The car that the Houston Police Officer is driving looks nothing like a Houston Police Car. It's a big white car that simply states "police" on it. The scene was filmed in Dallas, Texas (why not use a Dallas Police Officer?) and not Houston. The third interesting part, is the "Houston Police Officer" is played by my brother Don, who lives in Dallas and he is not a police officer in real life, but as he says "just plays one on TV." The director of this film was asking around about cops and hats and would a police officer wear his hat in the car. My brother overheard the director and told him he could ask a real police officer from Houston (me)that exact question. What was the answer? Watch the clip. Who wears a hat in the car? I mean really. If the director was so concerned about whether or not a police officer in Houston would wear his hat in a police car, why not make a police car look like a Houston Police car? What's really funny about the clip, the director made sure the hat was in the scene by having it placed on the dash. The "zoom in" was not in the actual film. I just wanted you to see our patch! He did get the patch and shirt right.

Actually the film was quite good.


Anonymous said...

You always come up with the most unique video clips. The one where you were in High School telling the host of a TV show that you wanted to join HPD when you graduated, the funny clips, videos and pictures. Then today's post, your brother "playing a cop" in this film and a HOUSTON cop at that. This is why I tune into this blog daily. It is fun to watch on a daily basis. Keep up the great work Officer.

Anonymous said...

I saw the hat. What was the deal with the hat? Funny blog today sir.

Anonymous said...

It's about time. I look forward to the new posts on Monday! Just kidding. Thanks for the update. Funny story. Your brother should win an Oscar. I actually saw that movie and remember the HPD patch. The movie was pretty good. Nick Nolte was scary in this movie.

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff.

Don McCoy said...

I'm the brother in the clip. I really enjoyed playing the role being a proud brother of Mike. One more interesting fact is that the badge they had me wear was like a Secuity "LA" type badge...nothing like you guys wear for real. I was going to point that out to the director but figured you couldn't see the badge anyway.

I am always asked if I am a police officer...I say no but my brother is and a darn good one...I only play one on TV. Nevertheless, playing the role of a police officer is far different from that of being the real thing and all great work all police officers do! However, once in LA I played a LA Cop on a TV show and actually got some free donuts! (not kidding)

Love you Bro!

Anonymous said...

Interesting post today. Full circle if you the blog.

George said...

That is great, I bet you're proud of your brother. I just ordered the movie from Netflix! Again, great BLOG...This blog is the new flagship all police dept blogs should follow. The Houston police dept is well respected orgazation and this blog promotes that message even further. Great work Officer McCoy!