HPD Chief Art Acevedo at the Citywide PIP Meeting

Friday, February 27, 2009

Meet Your Recruiter

For those of you in our hiring process, I would like to introduce myself; I’m Terry Houston, background investigator. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration of Justice from Texas Southern University.

I am a 14-year veteran of the Houston Police Department. I spent two years in Patrol where my duties were to maintain order by acting as a first responder to emergencies, investigating crimes, and performing community outreach.

I was then selected to become a Traffic and Accident Investigator where I spent the last ten years before being chosen to work in the recruiting section of the Human Resources Division.

I am currently assigned to background investigations within the unit. I have been here for two years. In addition to patrol duties, accident division, I have also served 12 years concurrently on our Special Response Team (SRG).

The Houston Police Department has provided me the training, support and skills needed to perform my duties to the best of my ability. I love HPD and I know you will too. The first time you help someone in need is something you will never forget. I urge you to take the next step and come work with me, I know you will love it too.

My wife, Cassandra, is also a Houston Police Officer and we have three boys.

Reminder: If you are in our hiring process you MUST report any changes of residency, employment or police contacts to your Background Investigator as soon as possible. You may call our Office (713) 308-1300 to be directed to your investigator.

I’m Terry Houston and I’m a Recruiter.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I know you! You were my investigator. You were very nice. Love the blog! Keep up the good work Officer Houston!

Anonymous said...

Officer Houston, of Houston, patrolling Houston, in Houston. Nice blog today sir.

Anonymous said...

Officer Houston is cool too!

Anonymous said...

Is there any equipment a new hire must purchase or is all equipment provided?

Anonymous said...

Nice Picture Houston!

Senior Officer M. McCoy said...

You will be required to buy your gun, handcuffs and shoes. A cadet will be required to purchase the white shirts as part of the cadet uniform. Other than these items, everything will be provided.

Anonymous said...

But Officer McCoy ... You say I have to buy my gun, shoes, and handcuffs. However Officer Houston told me I had to buy him coffee and donuts for the first year after I hired on. So does this mean I can stop buying him coffee and donuts????

:) Just joking. Houston's great ... And I don't mean just the city.

Anonymous said...

Officer Houston has the warmest smile to go along with his personable mannerism. He is an asset to the Recruiting Department! Thanks Houston!

Senior Officer M. McCoy said...

I have never seen Officer Houston eat donuts before...maybe he hides them. Thanks for the compliment though. Officer Houston is very nice and a hard worker.

Anonymous said...

Does the hiring incentive still exist?

Senior Officer M. McCoy said...

The 12k incentive is still around. It is included in the 43965 first years salary. For more specifics, please email me.

aA said...

Officer Houston, I work for San Jacinto College and we are putting together a recruiting piece of our own, and one of the instructors liked the picture so much, he suggested we use it.

Is there any way that we could get a copy of it for our brochure that includes Criminal Justice?

Please email me back at the link at the top of my comment.

Thanks. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

You are more than welcome to use my picture. Simply double click on my picture above and it will enlarge. Right click on the picture and "Save As" , then you can print it. Thanks for your support of HPD.

Terry Houston