Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hong Kong Recruiting Commercial

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It does not matter if you are in Houston or Hong Kong, everyone feels the same when they decide to become a police officer. It's about making a difference, answering the call and having a chance to change a negative outcome into a positive one. You are the front line, the blue line if you will, between good and evil. I came across a very compelling recruitment commercial from Hong Kong. It says it all, without saying anything at all.


Anonymous said...

Chill bumps. You are right Officer McCoy, it does say it all. I really want to apply. Can you please lower the age limit to 19!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vey cool...I like it. I love how you come up with the most interesting videos. I really like the ones with the cadets telling us what they used to do.

Anonymous said...

Ofcr McCoy,

Great commercial from Hong Kong! Compassionate yet sharp!

3 weeks to go...!

Cadet Long