Thursday, December 11, 2008

Houston...we have a problem, snow.

Okay, okay, I know I always compare our weather to our neighbors up north and always show the beautiful sunshine while you guys are snowed in...but, get this, we actually got snow last night. Two inches in some places! We had adults wondering how to drive and frightened children running around like "Chicken Little" wondering what the white stuff was falling from the sky while yelling "the sky is falling, the sky is falling!" .

I promise not to compare our weather anymore, except for now, it rebounded today and it was 60 degrees with sunshine...ok, no more,


Anonymous said...

Funny story Officer McCoy!

Anonymous said...!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha - Hey Officer McCoy I will still trade you places. Michigan is cold (in the teens) but unlike Houston we have not had snow for at least um three or four days.

God Bless to the Abernethy family.

Officer McCoy said...

Come show us what to do Mike!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you responded to my email. I am hoping and praying while sitting on pins and needles that I am offered one more opportunity to serve a community in a professional capacity as a proud member of HPD.

Even with a few years of experience I am extremely interested in learning from your members.

You know it ALL WAYS brings a tear to my eye when a police officer volunteers to serve a city and dies needlessly. I wish criminals would stop and think before bringing undo harm on the innocent and think the person could be a brother, sister, aunt, uncle, father etc. of someone they may personally know before wrecking their lives and especially the lives of the innocent.

Again I hope that I am offered and opportunity to serve the Houston community and its residence in at least partial manner as I have read Officer Abernethy has clearly done.

Anonymous said...

cute picture!

Anonymous said...

Cute little she a future officer? Love the blog.

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