Monday, November 17, 2008

Anywhere, U.S.A. and 1000 faces

I am in Detroit, Michigan this week along with my partner. We are here interviewing potential police applicant's for HPD. If you would like to come by this week and talk with us, please email me at and we will fit you in. As we were discussing the possibilities of a great career with HPD it occurred to me, that readers of this blog may not know the reality of how easy it is to become a Houston Police Officer. Don't get me wrong, you still have to meet the criteria but I was thinking more along the lines of the application process. I was listening to the experiences of the applicant's during our orientation tonight and I realized, if you really want to be a police officer, HPD is the place to go. Let me tell you how simple this process really is.
You apply online at A recruiter calls you within a week for an interview.
No testing upfront.
No ranking of the test (because there is no test upfront). No waiting on your rank and hoping that we get to your number to get an interview.
No oral interview board.
We pay YOU to go through our academy!
I bring this up because you should hear what applicant's across the United States are going through to become a police officer.
They must take a test whenever the test could be months down the road. Once they take the test, they have to wait for their ranking. Depending on their ranking they have to wait for a call, if they rank high enough and are lucky enough to get a call, the department may only have a few openings and they will be out of luck.
Most departments up here require you to pay for your academy without the guarantee of a job, we don't. We will pay you 43,965 for your first year of training and probationary period.
Listen folks, the truth is we are going to be hiring 1000 new faces over the next few years.
I mean this when I say this, there has never been a better time to join HPD than right now!


Anonymous said...

Very cool, I thought that you still had a Civil Service Test upfront. I was going to ask you when the next test was. I just applied online.

Jeff said...

Officer McCoy isn't lying... this really is a great time to start with Houston Police. I moved from New York and had my initial interview on August 13. I was accepted into the Academy on Nov. 6 (Bear in mind that we lost 1-2 weeks as a result of Hurricane Ike). The process was extremely fast and thorough. I was interviewed, polygraphed, investigated and accepted in less time than it's taking my friends from New Jersey just to get their ranking back from a civil service test and they don't even know if they are going to get an interview.

Hope to see some of you soon and really looking forward to our class starting Dec. 1!

Cadet Burke
Class 203

Officer McCoy said...

Thank you Cadet Burke. Good luck in the academy. I know you will do well!

Anonymous said...

Officer McCoy,

I just applied online on November 13th. Would it be possible for me to be hired in time for the January academy class?