Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dallas School Teachers

I am currently up in the Dallas, Texas area attending a four day school, hence the delayed return of emails. I noticed a news story in this area that is quite huge right now. The Dallas Independent School District is currently in talks to lay off up to 1200 school teachers. If you are a Dallas school teacher and are reading this blog, I would like to welcome you to our department. It has never been easier or a better time to join the Houston Police department. Simply apply online at and start the process. We have a spot for every one of you. Unfortunately, no matter where you live, there will never be a shortage of crime. You should never have to worry about getting laid off as a police officer. Check us out on the website or send me an email if you have further questions at .


Anonymous said...

Officer McCoy,

Just wanted to send a quick msg. to say thanks for keeping the blog site going w/ fresh videos & information. I just finished week 6 along w/ the rest of my brothers (and sisters) in 201, but I'm still checking your site regularly to catch a glimpse of things to come and to get a few laughs from time to time, like from the Dragnet Post! Good stuff.

Thanks again sir,

Cadet Long, C.

Anonymous said...

I just applied online. I am one of the unfortunate that got laid off. I really wanted to be a police officer anyway. I am already used to dealing with unruly kids!