Thursday, October 9, 2008

Class 198 transforms to Blue


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Academy Class 198 conducted their final roll call as cadets yesterday morning. Class 199, 200, 201 and 202 were on hand to watch with respect as these cadets finished their task at hand. They graduated after six months of the best police training a man or woman could receive. Talking with cadets from other classes, they were both proud and a bit envious watching the final roll call. They knew that very soon, they to, would be making their final appearance on the courtyard to shout out their names for the last time in a white uniform. You will never forget your classmates or your class number. Welcome to your extended family. Congratulations Class 198, make us proud!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome...oh yea and awesome! Thanks Officer McCoy


Anonymous said...

Love the video! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely outstanding!! This gives me goose bumps and definitely reinforces the comraderie among HPD officers. As always, great job Officer McCoy.

Anonymous said...

Excellent as usual sir.

Addicted, Habitual HPD Blog reader!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let HPD know that I never dreamed of being a police officer until I started reading this blog. Good job HPD. I applied yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Great job. I got goose bumps too.