Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Traffic Control?

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One of the lessons you will learn a few weeks before graduating from the Houston Police Academy is traffic control. You will be placed in a downtown intersection and taught how to direct traffic. Let's just hope it's not this intersection...(by the way, this is not Houston!)


Anonymous said...

Awesome, funny blog today...those are some crazy drivers. Your blog has got me hooked Officer McCoy. When I get old enough, I will be your partner against crime.

Anonymous said...

You have to love this site if you want to become a policeman whether it is in Houston or not. Keep up the great work. My guys and myself get a huge kick from the website.

Sgt. WS
NJ State Police

Anonymous said...

I am sure you are not allowed to say where this is - it would not be "politically correct," but this is the funniest thing I have ever seen! Officer McCoy, where do you get this stuff you post on the blog? This is the BEST blog out there and it really puts HPD in a good positive light. The humor is wonderful and you have given HPD a face and a personality. I know a lot of cops and a lot of them read this blog every single day. Recruiting is lucky to have you!

Officer McCoy said...

Wow. I am flattered. Thank you for the kind words but really being a policman with Houston is reward enough. I just want people to know that this is a very rewarding career and I love to brag about it. Thanks again and tell all your friends that we are hiring!

Unknown said...

Have Son who is combat MP and is in Iraq on 2nd deployment (1st one 2005/6 Afghanistan) and they should be returning to Fort Riley, KS in early 2010. His plans are to apply at HPD as he will have nearly 6 years as a Military Police and is extremely interested in SWAT and SRT. Class 209 is very close to his exit the service date (which by the way was modifed from 8/26/09 to 05/06/2010 because of being deployed he's considered what is termed "stop / loss." Anyway, plans are to get application process started early 2010 so that timing works out. Would appreciate knowing anything additional that can faciltiate the application process (aside from what's posted on website) as we're getting all preliminary materials together (credit reports checked for any discrepancies / irregularities, resume, military awards / accolades, etc.)