Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back on Track

Photography / design by Officer Quoc-Tuan Nguyen

Hurricane Ike did some damage. Houstonians held together strong and like a band of determined ants worked together to get Houston back on track. Of course our police department is not perfect. We did have a few setbacks... Whatever it takes to protect and serve the public.


Anonymous said...

Funny! Officer McCoy, you have a great blog here and you have a great sense of humor. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

haha... that is awesome...

Anonymous said...

Officer McCoy,
I graduated Class 196 in June. I just wanted to say how important I think this blog is to the dept's recruiting. I had a lot of questions before I applied but wasn't able to ask them because I really didn't have someone accessible. From what I've seen on the blog you answer people's questions and I think that is great. I know it takes a lot of work, and I just want to applaud you for the work you put into it. You aren't just helping to attract potential recruits but you also give us PPO's out of the academy something to check out. It was really cool to be able to give the website to my family to let them see the last roll call and let them see a little something from the academy. It was nice to pass on the blog to my family to tell them....this is what I've been doing for the last six months, in pics and video. Thx and keep up the great work. I finished the program today. Take care sir.


Earl Attebury

Class 196

Anonymous said...

That boat may be the air command!