Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Making a Difference. Your either born with it or not.

Sometimes people get busy and forget what is going on over in Iraq. Our men and women are serving our country and putting their lives in jeopardy everyday to secure a nation in distress. My son served in the Army completing one tour overseas and my son-in-law completed two tours with the Marine Corps. I get quite a few emails from soldiers wanting to become Houston police officers. The latest email is from U.S. Army SPC L. Covert who is currently in Iraq. He had questions about becoming a Houston SWAT officer when his tour of duty is complete in 2009 and was nice enough to send me a picture. His current job is a lot like being a police officer right now by maintaining order and protecting the citizens. SPC Covert just has the urge to make a difference like many of the soldiers do. Becoming a police officer just seems like a perfect transition for some of them. If you are overseas right now and are reading this blog, tell me about yourself, where you’re from and when your service to our country ends. Send me a picture and tell me why you want to become a police officer, I will post it. Remember, we only require two years of active service with an honorable discharge in lieu of the 60 hours of college. So if you’re in the military right now, most likely you already qualify or will qualify when your term ends.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for noticing and the respect you have given us. HPD is where I would like to end up once my tour ends..

SPC Thomas

Anonymous said...

I plan on coming down to Houston next month. I've served 4 years in the Army with one 15 month tour to Iraq. I get out of the Army in November. I can't wait to start the hiring process.

SGT Linn