Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Make a Difference

In my entire life I have never felt more purposeful and elated every time I wake up to start a new day. I have never been so happy and healthy as I am now and full of direction and purpose. I take in each day, learning and becoming more and more excited for what I will do or learn next.

When appointed the class leader of 196, I was thrown immediately into being a leader of a group of 70 cadets in my police academy class. The academy brought out and solidified in me my strength, leadership and confidence. It challenged me to rise above everything I thought I was ever capable of. Each day I welcomed the new challenges and learning. I came out thankful for everything that I had experienced in the police academy not only in preparation for the work of an officer but also for the personal development that I went through. As I completed the academy an excitement stirred inside of me, I realized looking back on my life that it was as if I had been tailor made to be a policewoman.

I wake up each morning, roll over and say a prayer. I walk around the kitchen and brew a nice big cup of my favorite coffee and I sit and mentally prepare for the day. I pull my hair back in a tight ponytail, braid it and roll it up into a bun. I fasten my vest on over my black undershirt and put on my blue uniform adorned with my new HPD badge. The shield shines bright silver and I am proud to be a new HPD police officer.

I am so pleased to wake up each day and put on my same uniform, to wear my hair in the same bun, to walk out with a clean face, I feel liberated and I feel at peace. There is a peace that is with me now that I am an officer; doing what I love to do….it is a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Each day is new. I got placed, in my first 3 weeks of training with Officer Hicks, a veteran officer of 25 years who still loves his career. He still learns new things and is passionate about teaching the new officers. I learned more my first day of training than I could have ever imagined. Aside from the obvious parts of the police career…the arrests, the driving with lights and sirens…there is a deeper side of the career that I have been able to experience and observe with my trainer. We are figures of authority, law, justice and help…we are for some people the only solution to a problem. To experience coming to the aide of people in distress, or in need, and putting them at ease and comfort is truly rewarding. Having the honor to ride with an experienced veteran officer who works hard and still loves his career makes the future even more exciting for me as a “rookie” officer, to know that I will still be doing new things everyday even 25 years from now.

Officer Anna Swanson
Class leader of 196

Officer Anna Swanson was Class Leader of Academy Class 196. You may have seen her in the "Last Roll Call" video in a previous post as a cadet, asking her class to sound off for roll call for the last time. Officer Swanson is currently patrolling our streets and making a difference in her community.

Make a difference in your life and your community. Apply today!


Anonymous said...

You know, I have to say this. I am a female. I am 21 and am about to graduate from college. My brother told me about this blog as he is going to apply with you guys. I never realized how cool this job could be for me. I wanted to be a CPS officer, but after looking at your blog, I think I want to be a police officer like my brother. I really like Officer Swansons letter that was put on the blog today. I just had to say something about this blog. You guys are awesome. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Really like the post today. I read it everyday.

Anonymous said...

What an insight into the soul of a proud HPD officer. This "rookie" will be a fine officer for many years to come - she cannot fail with her attitude and her morning prayer leading and guiding her.

Anonymous said...

I am from Georgetown, Texas. I just met you at the conference in Ft. Collins. I really like the blog that you told me about. I want to be a Houston Police Officer when I get old enought. Thanks for talking with me.


Anonymous said...

One word: Cool

Anonymous said...

This is a cool blog. I have not seen it anywhere else with other departments. Please keep it up. I like to read it everyday. When I am old enought it's HPD all the way!