Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Listen to your Mother

Way to go Class 196! As a parent who first met you all on graduation night - I could really feel the PRIDE - it just radiated from each and every one of you! The Academy was tough but every one of you found your way to dig deep and all your 28 weeks of hard work paid off. You were proud and we, your family and friends, were even more proud as we watched you graduate from Cadet to Officer with those shiny new badges! May you forever embrace your motto - "Committed to Protect - Honored to Serve".

The more I have seen of the law enforcement world, the more I have come to understand why my son has chosen this path for his life. The police department values, strong code of ethics, driving principles - ALL part of a life time commitment to serving others. By becoming an officer, he has committed to uphold himself to the highest ethical standards both on and off the job. What Mom would not be proud of that commitment?

Another great strength that I see and truly admire in law enforcement is their deep commitment to each other and their community. As Officer McCoy has been quick to note in this blog - fellow officers are his family. From what I have already seen and heard, it is really true, they are there for each other all the time. I also admire all the community service programs that the officers do - raising funds for great causes, raising awareness and educating through programs like Explorers, and my favorite, the Blue Santa program at Christmas time.

Future recruits - this is a great profession you are thinking about or waiting to get into. As you make your way there - do all you can to make these values part of your life now. Hold yourself to the highest standards, work hard in your academics, and get yourself in the best shape possible so you can excel when your time comes at the Academy. There is no faking being in shape if you are not already there when you do that first 3 mile run! Prepare all you can before you start and you will get so much more out of your time at the Academy.

One last word of advice for Class 196 - stay away from those donuts! Be the class that convinces the donut shops to start carrying power bars or carrot sticks with V8 Juice for those 3am pick me ups. :-) You are the best of the best - and for your own safety - lets keep you all that way!

Officer Herb's Mom

Written by Officer M. Herb's mother. Officer Herb is a recent graduate from Academy Class 196 and is currently patrolling the streets of Houston.


Anonymous said...

I am also the mother of an HPD officer - going on 27 years now. Even after all these years, the pride of being an officer is apparent each and every day through his deeds and actions. You are right, Officer Herb's Mom, there is something very special instilled in the officers of the Houston Police Department. I witness it each and every day.

Anonymous said...

two questions:

1) while in the academy do you ever have to go on saturday or sunday?

2) after you get out of the academy, how long are you with an FTO on the street?


Anonymous said...

Herb's Mom,

Thanks for loaning us your son. He carried himself very well while he was here at the Academy, and he's now doing the same on the streets. Well done, Mom.

Officer McCoy said...

Normally you will always have Saturdays and Sundays off, unless something comes up.

You will ride with someone for the following six months after graduating from the academy. You will go through a field training program. Please email me if you have more questions. I will be happy to answer them. Thanks for your interest. Apply today!