Thursday, July 10, 2008

Don't mess with the Zohan? I think not. "Don't mess with the Herb".

What a day! I have been out on the streets now for about two weeks, and it seems like every day is better than the last. This is the only job where no two days are ever the same. Even the days that I feel like I am doing the same types of calls over and over again, are exciting. You just never know what to expect. On any given day we could get a crime in progress call, or spend most of the day answering calls that require only a report to be made.

That’s what brings me to the other day. A call came over the radio for a burglary in progress. Any ‘in-progress’ call is dispatched out as a very serious call which must be responded to as quickly as possible. My trainer and I went lights and sirens all the way across the city to get to the call. When we arrived on scene we were told a general description of the two people who had just left the place where the burglary occurred.

We began rolling around on the back streets looking for the two. Then, walking down a side street we spotted the first suspect. We ordered him to the ground and I went in, put handcuffs on the individual and searched for any property that may have been taken during the burglary. Just as I am finishing my search, I hear Fox, one of the HPD helicopters hovering over me. He begins to talk about where the second person may be located. Then all of a sudden I see my trainer take off running when he spots the other individual.

What a sight to see, my trainer begins to run after the other suspect, while another officer comes running around the corner after the suspect, and then I see the K-9 unit come running up the street as well. There were three officers and a K-9 chasing after the suspect. Needless to say he was caught quickly, without any major incidents.

I couldn’t believe how exciting my day had been already and I had only been at work for an hour! How many jobs are there where you work with helicopters and K-9s? Our fast response to the scene along with our specialized units made the case open and shut. Witnesses helped to identify the suspects and all of the occupants personal items were returned to them. A thrilling morning had come to an end, but I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I got another opportunity to answer a call that would be even more exciting!

Written by Academy Class 196 President Mike Herb. Officer Herb, is now patrolling our streets and making a difference. Look for future posts with Officer Herb as he experiences his first year as a Houston Police Officer.


Anonymous said...

Great story. Thank you for sharing. Be careful out there and get those crooks off our streets!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Awesome day at the office! I wish I was out there doing the same.Catching bad guys and keeping our streets safe. Unfortunetly I am still in the applicant process.Inpatiently waiting, but know it will all be worth it when I am excepted!