Monday, July 28, 2008

CSI - Houston, by Rookie Officer Swanson

My trainer, Officer Hicks, and I sign on early this morning and are dispatched to a burglary that just occurred in our beat. We drive to the location and meet our complainants outside of their apartment. Your normal burglary…not today…we are on the scene and begin to find tons of evidence that the burglar left behind. Officer Hicks watches the back of the apartment and I watch the front. On the floor the burglar had left a trail of blood from the television to the door where he made a startled exit with the complainant chasing after him that morning. I walk around to the back of the apartment to tell Officer Hicks about the blood, “partner can you grab the finger print kit for me, looks like we’ve got good prints.” The burglar had broken the back window with his hand, hence the blood trail he left, and in doing so he had grabbed the shards of glass and left a couple of perfect finger prints. Officer Hicks cut the glass out of the window and laid it on some newspaper for dusting. Dusting the print, it comes to life and we are able to capture it on a film of tape and preserve it on a print card. Back to the blood…taking a cotton swab and some sterile water I dab the blood and lift it off of the floor of the apartment and preserve it for its trip to the lab later. Just when we think we found it all….no….more evidence. There is a car parked against the fence, we check the license plate to find that it is a former jail prisoner’s vehicle. We approach the car and it appears that the window has been attempted to be pried open and there are more fingerprints and an entire hand print on the glass. The complainants also tell us that the man they chased out of their apartment this morning had been standing by the vehicle earlier before someone broke into their residence. I grab the finger print kit once again and dust the window of the car. The perfect palm print, when illuminated by the powder appears to be smudged so its no good….but there are two good prints that come to life and allow me to capture them onto our card for more evidence. Will the prints on the car match the prints on the complainant’s window? Does the vehicle belong to the burglar? Only time will tell after lab analysis. Evidence collected and complainants satisfied, we leave the scene and head to the evidence and property rooms to turn in our discoveries for analysis.

Immediately after we finish this call we are dispatched to another different and exciting scene. Another day of training with Officer Hicks, never a dull moment, no rock left unturned.

Officer Anna Swanson was Class Leader of Academy Class 196. You may have seen her in the "Last Roll Call" video in a previous post as a cadet, asking her class to sound off for roll call for the last time. Officer Swanson is currently patrolling our streets and making a difference in her community.


Anonymous said...

I really like all the neat police stories. The videos and stories, really give me a feel of what it is like. I will email you with questions before I apply. Thank you for the blog sir.

Anonymous said...

They need to make a TV show called CSI-Houston!