Thursday, May 8, 2008

Out Recruiting!

Hello everyone. I am out Recruiting Houston's finest for the next three days. I will resume posting when I return. However, since I am able to post now, that means I should be able to post some pictures or text tomorrow. In the mean time, classes are starting on average every six to seven weeks. Remember, there has never been a better time to join. Apply on line at and we will call you ASAP for an interview.

Quick story. Chasing a suspect, jumping fences, keeping up. Jump final fence and see a large dog house, no suspect. Where's suspect? Start approach to next fence to see if suspect was still on the run. Large dog begins to growl from doghouse. Freeze in my tracks. Sounds like a strange growl. Proceed, really want to catch suspect. Growl gets louder. Not right...sounds weird. Look in doghouse. Suspect under a blanket, not sure where real dog is. Suspect captured. Memory of this story, priceless.

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Anonymous said...

Funny story! Love it. Way to make my day while I am serving my country. Can not wait to join you guys.

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm considering joining up but would like to know if you offer any "ride a long" or shadowing opportunities so I can get a first hand look.

Officer McCoy said...


Shoot me an email and maybe we can see about a ride along near your community.

Anonymous said...


Troy said...

Officer McCoy i am really interested in joining the houston police department when i get my 60 hours from college and i was wondering if HPD had a mentor that could help me out through college on like what classes to take. Also i was talking to a SGT from HPD about the ride along program, which i would really like to do. I havent heard anything back from him. When ever you get the chance if you could email me back and let me know some information about this stuff i would really appreciate it.


Officer McCoy said...

Email me at and I will help you out.