Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crime Scene Unit


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Everyone always asks about the Crime Scene Unit (TV watchers might know it as CSI). This is a very tight group of officers that work hand in hand to solve a case. They are part of the Homicide Division. This is a very interesting and unique job within the police department. After you patrol the streets for a couple of years, maybe you can become part of "CSI Houston". Apply today at and start your career toward this goal or one of the many other positions within the Houston Police Department.


Anonymous said...

Say, Officer McCoy.. For someone who applies online, what's the typical wait time to hear from a recruiter? I really like the idea of being CSI: Houston. Went ahead and got the process started online, just had a couple of questions. Great job again!

Senior Officer M. McCoy said...

Thanks for applying. You will love being a Houston Police Officer. Usually it takes about one week to be contacted once you have applied online.

Anonymous said...

Hi Officer McCoy, My question was im studying to get a Bach. in Criminal Justice with enphasis on Crime Scene Investigation, do I have to be a police officer first or can I just Apply for CSI?

Anonymous said...

Hi officer McCoy...I am currently going to school for criminal justice. I want to get into homicide, but is it true that i would have to be a police officer before getting into homicide?

Alyssa Schultz said...

Hi Mr. McCoy I am a 10th grade student at Clear Springs high school. I was wondering what courses are required to be on the CSI department?

Houston Police said...

Hi Alyssa,

Officer McCoy has retired from HPD. I am Officer Douglas and I now am the coordinator of the Recruiting Blog.

To be assigned to the Crime Scene Unit, you first have to become a Houston Police Officer. When there are openings throughout the department, you can submit your application for a transfer. All training to be in the Crime Scene Unit you will receive while on the job. If you have any questions about joining HPD, call our Recruiting Unit at 713-308-1300 or go to Good luck with your studies!