Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blinn College

Hello Everyone at Blinn College in Brenham, Texas!

I just wanted to thank everyone at Blinn College for your hospitality towards me yesterday. I enjoyed speaking with each and everyone of you. I enjoyed telling stories, showing the videos and answering questions about police work. Remember, when you get your sixty hours, give us a shout! If you have individual questions, you can always email me at officermccoy@gmail. Thanks again and I am looking forward to seeing all of you in blue one day!

If you are a college or high school and you would like a recruiting officer to talk with your class please shoot me an email and we will accomodate you as soon as possible.

Officer McCoy

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Anonymous said...

Dear officer McCoy
            I would like to thank you for taking out your time to give us more information on the Houston police department over here at Blinn College. It has been a long dream for me to become a police officer. I can still remember when I was a kid I use to see HPD in our apartments due to a call and I use to always ask them to turn on there lights and they use to give me a police sticker, do you still give them out? When you was talking to us about us looking into that it made me want to cry, because I wanted to be just like you the men in blue I want people to look at me as they do to you a role model. I apply with harries county because they require 30 hours of college and I was so happy my dreams are coming true but they shut me down. I am the first of my family to finish high school and attend college. Most of my family has criminal background my mother and sister been to prison. I really want to be a cop, I applied with you for a correction officer because I only have 45 hours of college and I am graduating in May with a criminal justice certificate. I cant afford to pay anymore college classes because I am doing this on my own my family wont help me, my church in Houston is giving me a 100 dollars a month and I am working three jobs, plus trying to keep classes and working out and my other activities. I need help I was afraid to ask in front of every one because I did want anyone to know.